Snow Worries

In a stroke of good luck, I forgot to write a post on Friday the 13th.

This week the weather has gone from super-cold freezing to a balmy 50’s and back to super freezing again.  In the second week of January, we should be having consistent winter weather that chills you to the bones and makes you want soup 24/7.  As a kid growing up in Trumansburg, NY, I have fond memories of sledding on the hill behind my house and there would be snow on that hill for months at a time.  January through March were the best days of winter… there were four other boys in the neighborhood of cornfields where I lived, and we would build elaborate sledding jumps and do tricks and even build bobsled courses if there was enough snow.  Twice we built a bobsled run through the pine trees along the road between our two houses.  The turns were packed down and the snow refroze and it was a solid course for about a week.  It was the roller coaster of sled runs, and we had made it ourselves and had it to ourselves.  Since that time in high school, I have never seen anything like it.

The weather makes me sad about climate change.  It is so obvious that things are different in the winter compared to when I was a kid.  Are all future winters going to be like this?  Are we going to be looking at mud and leaves and white salt residue on the streets and are we going to give in to mild contentment when there is three inches of snow on the ground?  Are kids going to forget how to sled and build jumps?





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